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Fiber End Cap-023


Fiber End-Cap is designed for the output termination of high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers in order to reduce the power density at the output fiber facet. A Y mm-diameter and X mm-long quartz rod is fused to the fiber facet for beam expansion while preserving minimal beam distortion. A Cladding Light Stripper is built inside in order to remove the reflection power in the fiber inner cladding.

Key Features

  • High Signal Transfer Efficiency
  • Built-in Cladding Light Stripper
  • Low Beam Distortion
  • Customized Configurations Available


Fiber Core Diameter (μm) Fiber Cladding Diameter (μm) Fiber Core NA Quartz Rod Length (mm)[Angle] Operating Wavelength (μm) End Cap Length (mm)
6~400 125~500 105/125: 0.22 105/125: 4.5[8°] 975 5~15, Typ.10
End Cap Diameter (mm) Facet Angle (Deg) Single Insertion Loss (dB) Optical Return Loss (dB) Output Beam M2 Output Beam Width (μm)
1.0 0±0.5~8±0.5 0.1Typ., 0.3Max. 40Min. 1.2Max. 105/125: 1000~1200
Power Handling (W) Fiber Length (m) Operating Environment Temperature (°C) Operating Humidity (%RH) Storage Temperature (°C) Package Dimension (mm)
250Min. 0.8Min.  -5~+70  5~95  -40~+85 ɸ11.5, L65

Note: Output beam width depends on Fiber Type/ End-Cap Quartz Rod Length/Operating Wavelength.