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Our Mission

We are a U.S. company specializing in passive fiber optics, headquartered in Fremont, California, in the greater Silicon Valley region.  The value proposition that we bring forth, is our ability to fill a key piece of the vast void created by constant technological advancements in optics.  As more and more types of fiber become available; denser and denser connector types deployed; greater and greater power handling optical components invented to work with higher and higher power diode lasers; faster and faster transceivers plugged in; and in general, as fiberoptic technology advances, this trend continues to generate seemingly endless new opportunities to apply optical technology.  To facilitate the efforts of a promising start-up or a gigantic company's R&D army to revolutionize the entire world or a specific industry or simply to implement a better version of an existing technology, there is a true need for an Optical Solutions company.  That is who WE ARE.  Neptec is a technology company offering solutions to help our customer to realize cutting edge products for new applications. 

Our MISSION is to listen intently, comprehend fully and help our customers to successfully realize the next GREAT product.