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Channel Access Module SR4/LR4–Breakout 40G to 10G


The Neptec OS CAM (Channel Access Module) separates the 40G signal in to the 4 independent 10G signals. CAM is completely signal/data agnostic and completely passive. Options for CAM include support for SR4 and LR4 channel separation. For SR4, the physical connection is a transformation in form-factor, from 1x MPO (40G, QSFP+) to 4x Duplex LC (10G, SFP). For 40G-LR4, the channels are accessed by wavelength demultiplexing/multiplexing optics.

  • Separate 40G into 4x10G Channels
  • Protocol Independent
  • Low-Loss Passive Optical Performance
  • No Electrical Power Required

SR4 Fiber Mapping

  • MPO (12:01) to LC1:LC2
  • MPO (11:02) to LC3:LC4
  • MPO (10:03) to LC5:LC6
  • MPO (09:04) to LC7:LC8

LR4 Fiber Mapping

  • LCB to LC1, LC3, LC5, LC7
  • LCA to LC2, LC4, LC6, LC8


  • Placement of all connections on the front panel minimizes connection errors by enabling simultaneous visual and physical grouping of inputs and outputs.
  • Connections to and from the CAM module should be made using standard typeB cabling.
  • Chassis is compatible with other module types including Optical Taps, 1x8 or 1x4 Splitters, and Wavelength Management (CWDM/DWDM/RFOG/GPON).
  • Chassis capacity: Holds up to 4 CAM modules (blank covers available).

Ordering Information

PIN Description Notes
CAM4S1UCHAS CAM, 4-Slot 19” 1RU Chassis CAM module
CAM4SR4-00 CAM module for 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+, with OM3 fiber IL: Max 0.8dB; Typical 0.55dB*
CAM4SR4-LL CAM module for 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+, with OM3 fiber and Low Loss MPO IL: Max 0.6dB; Typical 0.45dB*
CAM4LR4-00 CAM module for 40G LR4 to 4x10G, with SM fiber IL: Max 2.3dB; Typical 1.65dB*
CAM1UBLNK Cover for Empty Chassis Position Not included with chassis.
CAMCLR4-00 CAM module for 100G LR4 to 4x25G, with SM fiber
CAMCSRT-00 CAM module for 100G SR10 to 10x10G, with SM fiber