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Come join our company and be part of a fast growing team that continues to create new and advanced technology in Fiber Optics. Our culture is friendly and collaborative. We value greatly every member of our team. We are about respect, passion, originality and professionalism. At Neptec OS, Inc., we stand by and support the earnest efforts of our employees by creating a work environment that develops employee skills and foster pride and personal responsibility.

Currently, we are looking to fill the following positions:

Title: Operations Research Analyst

Job Duties:
  • Analyze available data currently collected for assessment of operational excellence; create other pertinent data collection points as necessary; and formulate simulation models to continuously optimize operations factoring in all relevant constraints and variables.
    • Review available operations related data captured ERP system (MAS), such as shipment transit time/cost, inventory turnover, pass-thru product lead time from suppliers, manufactured product lead time, RMA process time, AR/AP etc.
    • Collaborate with other staff to extract data for analysis and review.
    • Develop measuring metrics for each set of data points captured.
    • Implement “improved” methodology to optimize operations.
    • Continuous monitoring to ensure on-going excellence and identify additional areas of improvement.
  • Work with heads of departments to understand each group’s goals and objectives.  Design and implement operational procedures, guidelines and requirements to effectively support managers and supervisors to achieve such goals and objectives.
    • With the Engineering Department – Consolidate supplier base for engineering material procurement to improve cost and operational efficiency.
    • With the Accounting Department – Collaborate with other staff to merge into ERP system to automatically send out invoices electronically and track collection status.
    • With the Production Department – Determine the most suitable production floor monitoring system to purchase and implement to capture rate of WIP going through production floor, while tracking scrap and yield.
  • Identify areas of operational inefficiency, especially in purchasing, logistics and supplier selection and evaluation.  Analyze and recommend solutions.  Prepare and present assessment and recommendation report to management.  Assist in the implementation of solutions and engage in the continuous assessment of effectiveness. 
    • 80% of our company “non-inhouse manufactured” products are sole sourced; dual sourcing is typically not practical due to size of business and non-standard nature of the purchased products.  Even so, we still need a proposal to lower this risk.
    • For shipments coming from overseas, “automate” the selection of freight forwarder based on shipment size, weight and quantity.  Work with overseas suppliers on product packaging to keep “dimensional” weight of shipment to be as close to “actual” weight as possible.  Provide a methodology to reference promised delivery date to customer to determine shipment method and transit time of corresponding incoming shipment for cost efficiency and meet OTD (On Time Delivery).
  • Analyze, define, and review existing production procedures. Provide specification document of work flows and function description to help implement changes and improvements.
    • Work with Manufacturing Engineer to understand and breakdown assembly process.
    • Analyze each process for the following optimization opportunities and propose plan to achieve:
      1. On-time material availability;
      2. Material kitting and bin placement;
      3. Formation and regular rotation of production team and appointed lead;
      4. Physical flow of WIP;
      5. Production floor and equipment layout; consider paradigm of “Lean Layout”.  Work centers are to be grouped by product families with common process routings; enabling smaller batch and run sizes; requiring less in-process inventory, less material handling, shorter travel distances, and less physical space.
  • Collaborate with management to ensure the implementation of business plans. Compile in-progress report and review with personnel involved on weekly basis to help each project run smoothly and on time.
Minimum Educational Requirement:

Master's degree or foreign equivalent degree in Management, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management, Business Administration or a related field required


Neptec OS, Inc.

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