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37dbm Multiport High Power Fiber Amplifier Rack


YEDFA-MP series of high power fiber amplifiers are especially designed for FTTx, CATV, FDC and HFC analog amplification applications those require high reliability. Compared to conventional amplifiers, these modules are more compact, powerful, stable and reliable.

This line of high power fiber amplifier features a dual stage amplification configuration, pre-amplifier and power amplifier, the use of selected multi-channel splitters with extremely low IL and high reliability.

Both input and output signals are sampled and monitored with a feedback circuit. ACC (automatic current control) and APC (automatic power control) circuits are designed into the amplifier to ensure high stability and reliability of output power. Based on integrated power monitoring circuits, it features Ethernet or RS-232 network interface, supporting open network management protocol (SNMP), enhancing flexibility to maintain connectivity with customer’s network management system.


  • Optional output configurations:
    • 19dBm * 32 ports
    • 20dBm * 24 ports
    • 22dBm * 16 ports
    • 26dBm * 8 ports
    • 29dBm * 4 ports
    • 33dBm * 2 ports
    • 37dBm * 1 port, etc.
  • Highly reliable laser diode pumps
  • High stability and reliability based on multi-mode pumping and fiber combiner technology
  • Wide operating temperature range


  • Test and Measurement
  • Analog CATV transmission systems
  • Optical distribution systems
  • FTTx
  • Free space communication

Parameter Unit Min Typ. Max Notes
Input Signal Wavelength Range nm 1543 1565
Input Port Power dBm -5 10
Output Port Power dBm 19 37 Other output power upon request
Output Ports 1 32 Other ports upon request
Signal Noise Figure dB 5.0 7.0 0dBm input power, 1550nm
Signal Output Power Difference dB 1.2
Return Loss dB 40
PDL dB 0.5
PMD ps 1

Electrical & Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typ Notes
Dimensions (W*D*H) mm 482.6×450×88 19-in 2U rack
Interface Type RS 232 or Ethernet
Power Supply V AC 90-240
Power Consumption W Max. 100 Depend on YEDFA power
Alarms Case temperature over limit; Pump laser temperature over limit; Pump laser current over limit; Optical input too low; Optical output too low
Cooling Conductive via surface & Fans
Operating Temperature Range ºC -5 to 55
Storage Temperature Range ºC - 20 to 70
Humidity % 5 to 95