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27~30dBm HP PM Fiber Amplifier Module


YEDFA-PM-EM-B2-XX series of high power polarization maintaining fiber amplifier modules are designed to output optimal optical performance with high reliability and stability. These amplifier modules are especially developed for PM transmission, sensors and LIDAR applications.

This line of PM high power fiber amplifier modules is built based on power combining configuration, the use of selected components with extremely high PER and low EL values and careful management of splice joints to preserve polarization. Both input and output signals are sampled and monitored with a feedback circuit to protect the amplification system. APC (automatic power control) and ACC (automatic current control) circuits are designed into the amplifier to ensure high stability and reliability of output power. Standard user-friendly RS-232 interface enables reliable connectivity with customer's control system.


  • High polarization extinction ratio
  • Low noise figure
  • RS-232 interface
  • Highly reliable laser diode pumps
  • High stability and reliability based on multi-mode pump and PM fiber combining technology


  • LIDAR & Sensor
  • Test and Measurement
  • Coherent synthesizing & Spectrum synthesizing
  • Frequency conversion
  • Microwave optics
  • Booster amplifier for PM transmitters

27-33dBm High Power Fiber Amplifier Rack

Parameter Unit Typ. Notes
Operating wavelength nm 1543~1565 Other wavelength upon request. Refer to illustration below
Output power dBm +27 | +30
Input power dBm -10 ~ +10
Polarization Axis Slow axis
Polarization Extinction Ratio dB >17
Noise figure dB <6.0 Pin=0dBm@1550nm
Control mode Selectable APC/ACC/AGC
Return Loss dB >40 900μm Jacket,1m-long
Output FIber Type dB SM15-PR-U25A-H Other type upon request
Connector type FC/APC, SC/APC Other type upon request

Mechanical & Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typ Notes
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 140×110×37 Module
Cooling Conductive via bottom surface and fan cooling Heat sink is needed
Operating Temperature ºC 0 to + 50
Storage Temperature ºC -20 to +70
Humidity % 10 to 90