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20dBm Mini Size EDFA Module


Compact Mini Size EDFA Module is designed for optical communication and CATV systems. It can be used as a power amplifier, in-line amplifier or pre-amplifier based on system architecture. It features stable output power, low noise and power consumption. Compact footprint makes it easy to be installed where it is needed, adding to flexibility in network design. To achieve high performance, world brand pump lasers and erbium-doped fibers are used; optical isolators are added at both input and output.

Both input and output signals are sampled and monitored with a feedback circuit. APC (automatic power control), AGC (automatic gain control) and ACC (automatic current control) circuits are designed into the amplifier to ensure high output power stability and reliability. Based on integrated power monitoring circuits, this amplifier features a RS-232 interface enabling connectivity to customer’s control system.


  • Mini size: 90×70×15mm
  • Low cost
  • High output power and high gain
  • Low noise figure
  • Low power consumption


  • Analog and digital CATV systems
  • Optical communication systems
  • LANs and WANs
  • In-Line amplication
  • DWDM subsystems

Optical Characteristics

Parameter Unit Min Max Typ Notes
Operating Wavelength nm 1530 1565 1550
Input Signal Power dBm 10
Monitor Accuracy dB ±0.5
Gain Accuracy dB ±0.5 18
Saturation Output Power dBm 20 5
Noise Figure dB 5.5 @1550nm, Pin=0dBm
Input/Output Return Loss dB 40
Input/Output Pump Leakage dBm -25
Control Mode mm APC, AGC、ACC Selectable
Fiber Type mm 900
Pigtail Length m 1.0
Optical Connector FC/APC Other type on request

Mechanical & Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Unit Typ Notes
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 90×70×15 Module
Weight g 200
Operating Temperature ºC -40 to +70
Storage Temperature ºC -40 to +85
Humidity % 10 to 90