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10W CW Ytterbium Fiber Laser


OLFL-CW-R is a CW Fiber Laser series delivering up to 10W of power through a single mode output fiber. All-fiber design guarantees the robustness of the laser, eliminating any alignment of free-space optical parts and risk of mis-alignment over time and use. Excellent beam quality and powerstability make OLFL-CW- R series the ideal solution for use in various industrial and scientific applications.

OLFL-CW-R Fiber Laser series provide an effective management interface for user to control key operating parameters. The Fiber laser presents RS-232 interface flexibly, ensuring the connectivity with customer’s control system. The modulation is controlled through TTL signal. There is a red pilot laser for easy alignment (Optional).

Optical Characteristics

Parameter Unit Data Notes
Mode of Operation   CW  
Center Wavelength nm 1050-1080  
Linewidth (FWHM) nm = <0.5 OSA
Output Power W 10 (Typ) Adjustable
Output Power Adjustments % 10~100  
Rising Time us =<500 10%-90%
Off Time us =<500 90%-10%
Modulation Frequency KHz = <1KHz  
Polarization - Rendom  
Output Power (short term) % = <2 15 min
Output Power (long term) % = <2 8 hours
Typical Beam Quality M2 =<1.3(Typ.1.1)  
Beam Diameter mm 3.5-5.5 1/e2
Output Fiber   HI1060,10/1250.08NA Single mode fiber, fiber length is customized
Mechanical & Environmental Characteristics
Parameter Unit Type Notes
Dimensions (W*D*H) mm 210×142×42  
Weight Kg <=2.5  
Cooling - Air  
Output Fiber Armored Cable mm Φ10.5 Customized Length
Operating Temperature Range C -5 to 40  
Storage Temperature Range C -20 to 70  
Humidity % 10-90  
Electrical Characteristics
Parameter Unit Data Notes
Electrical Requirement VDC 24 24+/-1V
Maximum Power Consumption1 W 75 In Case of Full Power, RT